This is what our Clients say about us…..

I have used wave therapy on multiple horses and loved the results. Each horse responded in a positive way, making the training process more productive. Wave therapy is something I would suggest to any horse owner that wants to see their horse’s fullest potential enhanced.
Erin Rae Smith, Owner & Trainer, SunRae Stables
I have a 5 year old show colt and 16 year old show mare that have both benefited from Wave Therapy treatments. The colt suffered from typical leg issues from hard work at a young age along with a sore shoulder. He was treated 5 times over two weeks and his improvement is amazing in a short time. The 16 year old show mare warms up more quickly, trots square with no injections, old wind puffs are reduced and she is happier in her bridle. She received 3 treatments, once per week. I recommend Wave Therapy as it is non invasive, it is not a drug and the entire horse benefits
Bobbie Reid